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Objects lost

Objects which you lose in the taxi are always delivered by the driver after the end of its service on our taxi call centre, where they are registered in a register.
Lost objects can be taken away daily between 8u.0 and 18.00.

We bring them gladly at you to your home adress, but then you must pay the taxi ride.
React as soon as possible.

If you give a correct departure address to us, we let us find the driver whom you transport has rapidly, and these can possibly come by day still the same at you.

Drink-in taxi

If no longer wishes drive you yourself, but you have nevertheless gladly your carriage safely home, then we send you a taxi with a second driver.


For this service we ask you only 2 x the fare!                                                                                                                                             

Extra services


Each complaint which reaches us, is obeyed.
How more correct the data which you communicate us, how more rapid we can retrieve the person concerned and interpellate.


Complaints concerning:
- A taxi ride: correct departure address and time, possibly number plate or taxi number.
- Driving behaviour: number plate and correct time.


YOU can contact also:
- municipality house Knokke-Heist.

Person to contact: Kim Willems +3250/630.112

Start of your carriage

A number of our taxi's has start cables.
Your carriage does not want start, then we you gladly help from the need.

Cost: 15.00 €